Welcome to TSS!

Where "Military Family" is more than just blood!

Top Secret Speed (TSS) is a military family drag racing team.

We are that family that needed help transitioning back after years of deployments. With experience and understanding, our goal is to support others, both active duty and retired, through the same means we used to survive the transition. And yes, through drag racing! The drag racing community is family-oriented, and provides the military type atmosphere that families miss after their service to our Country is complete.

TSS provides an opportunity for the whole family to participate and get hands-on with a real race car; we show how to tune, adjust, and set-up our car for the races.  Anyone wanting to pitch-in and help is more than welcome to join in! Kids and kids-at-heart can experience what it feels like to be a driver by sitting in the driver's seat; get your picture taken in the car! Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing a soldier out having fun with their family. 

Please feel free to join us at the speedway.  Don't forget to check out our race swag in our on-line store!

All proceeds from store sales go directly to the Team to help us continue our Mission!

About The Car

Fire In The Hole!

Fire in The Hole, a 1968 Camaro, was originally equipped with a 327 and a 4 speed. It now sports a Tunnel Rammed Big block backed by a Turbo 400 transmission with the original 12 bolt rear-end. 

USA Made

The car and all its parts are made in the USA. Era correct to the late 1960's, any modern technology is tucked out of sight as much as possible.


No matter your conflict, no matter your generation- you are welcomed! We've been blessed to have veterans from five separate wars participate on our Team. No age requirement! Children are encouraged to be involved as well.

About The Smith Family

Meet The Crew:

The Driver- Troy Smith, Chief Warrant Officer 3, Retired

The Owner- Jessica Smith, Army Wife, Retired

Crew Chief - Kendra Smith, Army Child, Retired

Photographer- Kaitlyn Smith, Army Child, Retired

Our Story:     

As college students we were car people! Both of us worked for an auto repair shop and soon decided to open our own hot rod repair business! As a successful business, we got to work on some really cool drag cars! After three months of being in business, the world was turned upside down by the attacks of September 11, 2001. 

Shortly after September 11th, we joined the Army.  And just a few days after that, we got married! Troy went to basic training, and as an E1 Infantryman, we moved to our first duty station at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. We loved living in Alaska! 

In 2003, Troy was selected for Flight School and Warrant Officer Candidate School. As a family of three, we made the move to Alabama for flight school where Troy chose to be a CH-47 Chinook Pilot. While living in Alabama, Troy and Kendra would go to the drag strip in Cottonwood almost every weekend. Even though Kendra was only 2 years old, she loved going racing with daddy! 

After Troy's training was completed in Alabama, we were assigned to Germany where we became a family of four! In 2005, Troy and his company, "Big Windy" deployed to Afghanistan; and in 2007 to Iraq.

In 2009 Troy attended the CH-47 Maintenance Test Pilot Course on the way to Fort Campbell, where we were assigned to the prestigious 101st Airborne Division “Pachyderms.” Troy deployed in 2010 to Afghanistan. During R&R he assessed, and was accepted into the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment at Fort Campbell. Following the completion of his deployment with the 101st, our family joined the ranks at 160th SOAR(A) for the rest of our time in service. 


In May of 2014, while deployed to Afghanistan Troy became very ill from what is believed to be an intentional poisoning. Troy had two emergency surgeries before being flown to Germany for more surgery; then he was transferred to Walter Reed for monitoring. Eventually he was flown back to Fort Campbell. Over the next two years, Troy had multiple surgeries which left him very physically limited and unable to work. During this time, the medical retirement process began. In December of 2016, Troy was medically retired from the Army.


This entire process put a major strain on us as a family. Being active duty military, our family was used to being apart more than being together. Living under the same roof, all the time, presented a whole new set of challenges. Not only were we learning to live together again, with the kids and as a couple, we were presented with major health issues, and the mental torments of almost 5 years of combat memories. These are the issues that most veterans and their families face.


We were really good at being an active duty military family, and it was hard to let it go! Our family needed a way to reconnect. We needed a new life purpose. Cars and racing have always been a passion. After some time, we decided to go back to Troy and Kendra's interest in drag racing; through that we found a new path! When a fellow military acquaintance called us out to drag race him, we started to put the Camaro together. It was April 2017. The Camaro had been sitting unfinished due to deployments and then Troy's illness. 

Due to his medical disability, Troy is not able to do nearly as much as he used to. This means the ladies of our family had to get more involved. It also meant we needed outside help! We found this through other retired and active duty veterans in our local area. We noticed what a positive impact this had on people outside our immediate family - getting veterans to the track, active, and involved in the local community. We decided that drag racing had provided a way for us to reconnect and wanted to share this with others. This was the spark that started Top Secret Speed. Our Mission is to help reconnect veterans to their families and community through drag racing! 

Our Military Family is growing at each and every race!

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